A new flap combination for reconstruction of lower nasal dorsum and supra-tip skin defects


Repairing surgical defects of the nose is still challenging due to its tridimensional shape and its aesthetic concern. Difficulty in reconstructing nasal subunits lies in their contour, skin texture and limited availability of adjacent skin. For lower nasal dorsum and supra-tip regions, we design a new combined local flap as existing local flaps may give disappointing results. This combination flap was performed on two patients for reconstruction of the lower nasal dorsum area after basal cell carcinoma excision. Size of the excision ranged from 20 to 25 mm diameter and safe margins were obtained. The defects were reconstructed with a local flap that combined a rotation nasal flank flap and a V-Y advancement nasolabial flap. Excision and reconstruction were performed in a one-stage surgery under intravenous sedation and local anesthesia. There were no postoperative complications and no flaploss occurred. Aesthetic and functional results after 6 months postoperatively were satisfying without modification of nasal shape. This flap is reliable and offers interesting functional and aesthetic outcomes. It can be considered as a new reconstruction alternative for supra-tip and lower nasal dorsum skin defects performed in a one-stage procedure under local anesthesia.

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